Arianna Vivian Khamsaly is an American Singer-Songwriter, Nashville Recording Artist, and Author. Also a Head-in-the-Clouds-Dreamer, Devoted Mother, Lucky Wife, and Unapologetic Feminist. A strong Believer in Human Rights and Racial Justice, she was born in a log cabin on the outskirts of a tiny town in far Northern California.

Raised skinny dipping in the rivers, running barefoot on her childhood property, and learning to think outside the box, she was home-schooled most of her upbringing, and had to get creative in ways to entertain herself.

She turned to writing, singing, songwriting, and visual arts as a means of self expression and as an escape from often crushing loneliness in the midst of life in such a remote location.

Music and art run in her family. Her father is a renowned music teacher, singer and musician, her brother is a professional fiddle player who spent twenty years playing for stars out of Nashville, and her mother is a UC Berkley Art Major.

Arianna resides with her husband, Lefty, and their kids in Redding, California, while traveling to Nashville periodically to enjoy being immersed in the soul of Music City. 

Her most recent music release is an EP called Anywhere But Here, four original tracks that speak of love, loss, individuality and the confines of conventionality in America today.

Arianna's memoir, Naked in the River, is available everywhere books are sold, both in bookstores nationwide and online.